Nane Nane CCAM (2023-2024)

DIB and Kijani Consult Tanzania initiated a partnership and received a grant from CISU's new Climate Change Adaptation Modality in the spring of 2023. Kijani is a relatively newly registered organization, with its headquarters in Dodoma, but has previously worked with education on climate change and community mobilization.

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness among the local community members of Geita district about climate change and make them able to adapt to it. This shall be done through capacity building of young leaders about climate adaptation, mobilization of local communities, and communication.

The capacity building of famers in climate friendly agricultural techniques, the establishment of farmers groups, and the construction of model greenhouses to be used for learning, are all elements that will strengthen the farmers' knowledge and practical skills, while increasing their resilience to climate change.

National policies on climate adaptation are in place, but to foster these to reach the local level, the project focuses on raising awareness through film screenings and community dialogues by youth leaders, the promotion of climate smart agriculture through model green houses and on Nane Nane Farmers' Day. and arranging training and workshops for those interested and local authorities.