#riseupfortheworld is the title of an educational project that is targeted towards the oldest students in primary schools, where they can acquire knowledge and tools to create their own development project based on the UN's 'sustainable development goals'. For this purpose we have created the site http://www.staaropforverden.dk.

The project is based on the movie The voices of the displaced, which tells the story of Johary, a young man from the Philippines who, along with thousands of others, has been driven from his home in the city of Marawi by an armed conflict between IS-related militias and Philippine government forces. The fierce war has stolen Johary's childhood home and future dreams, but it has also given him something new - an identity as an activist and a voice that he has to use.

Based on this story, DIB intends to inspire and equip Danish students to find and use their voices and help bring change in their near environment.

Films and educational presentations will be freely available on http://www.staaropforverden.dk

Online educational material and free presentation visits

As part of launching of this project we offered 10 free presentations in primary schools in the following weeks: 9-13 2020. We had an agreement with 10 school, but only attended one before Covid-19 stopped any visits to the schools.

Audience and scope
The guest teacher visit and the teaching presentation are designed for schooling. The visit can advantageously be the introduction to a course of democratic participation in social studies, possibly interdisciplinary with fx. geography, history or Danish. It takes 2-3 lessons depending on your wishes om which context it should be included in.

Free guest teacher visit
We will attend and show the movie, talk about it's background, about the UN's sustainable development goals, and how they can provide a framework for participating in developing a more just and sustainable world - locally as well as globally.

We're still ready and able to complete physical guest teacher visits, when the Covid-19 precautionary rules allows for school visits. If your school are interested in an instructive presentation for an educational purpose and for students work with development projects, you can contact us at dib@dib.dk or on +45 52 99 92 36.

Download the offer as a pdf.

The project is linked to DIB's engagement in the Philippines and is supported by the EU pool Frame, Voice, Report!, Danida's Information Pool and CISU's Information Pool.