Privacy Policy

When you become a member, sign up for our newsletter, sign up as a volunteer, apply for a job or make a contribution, we also receive some of your personal data. It can be, for example, name, address, e-mail address, mobile number etc. Our general principle is that we only collect necessary data and never personal sensitive information such as ethnicity, health information, sexual orientation or other similar ones. All personal data we collect is processed in accordance with EU Data Protection Regulation and The Data Protection Act.

The long version
The above was the short version, if you are interested in the long one, you can find it here, and of course you are also welcome to contact us at 52 99 92 36 or

If you are unhappy with our processing of your personal data, you may complain to:

Data Protection Agency
Borgergade 28, 5. sal
1300 København K.
Telefonnr.: 33 19 32 00

Anti-corruption policy

In DIB, of course, we have zero tolerance for corruption. Our guiding principle is a high standard for work ethics as well as personal and organizational integrity, both internally and externally with partners in developing countries. You can read more about this in DIB's anti-corruption policy, which targets our staff, board members and volunteers as well as partner organizations.

Code of Conduct

DIB's Code of Conduct is a set of rules that guide us on how we lead our organization and help our employees to maintain an ethical conduct both in Denmark and internationally.

All employees and partners at DIB are asked to familiarize with and to adhere to the guidelines that are described in our Code of Conduct, and the values on which it is based. Read more about DIB's Code of Conduct here.