NyTænk is our project supported by CISU's Engagement Grant. The main objective with the project is to involve business students in Denmark in the green transition and through information to generate an increased interest in development cooperation with inspiration from local, innovative climate solutions with DIB's partners in South Asia. To achieve that goal, we have initiated this media together with to journalists, Didier Larsen and Mie Olsen. NyTænk.

Didier and Mie, took care of the development of the media, collection of journalistic material, the cooperation with the business schools, and the dissemination to the Danish citizens. In 2021 they visited DIB's partners in Bangladesh and Nepal, where they documented local sustainable climate solutions and interviewed many of the local users of the technologies.
The local solutions, on which they particularly focused, are renewable energy, agriculture, construction, and technology, and the business students can use these stories as inspiration for their own future work.