In 2024 we got confirmation for our first project in Ghana with our newest and most energetic partners to date, Ghana Youth Guide.

The project entails building the capacity of Ghana Youth Guide - an organization led by young Ghanaian volunteers - as well as that of 50 young smallholder famers (age 18-35) in the districts of Tolon and Savelugu in Northern Ghana. This will be achieved through capacity-building and training on climate smart agriculture methodologies. The primary target group is composed of 20 people from GYG (workers, board members, and volunteers), and 50 young smallholder farmers. The focus is especially given to female farmers and a smaller group of persons with disabilities (PWDs). The secondary target group is approximately 10.000 people from the two districts, who will be reached by GYG through different information campaigns.
We aim at boosting climate smart agriculture techniques and at increasing the local knowledge about climate change. Moreover, we will improve the capacity of GYG as implementing organization, and develop the partnership between GYG and DIB.

The project will be carried out from February 2024 to October 2024, and DIB has a small group of volunteers that takes care of the project.