Synergies across the continents (2022-2023)

The main goal of this project is to exchange knowledge and introduce sustainable, climate friendly solutions to farmers who do not have access to electricity and are trapped into poverty. By sharing experiences across borders, there came the opportunity for organizations to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among those organizations that work locally and with climate friendly solutions. We developed and disseminated the benefits for implementing sustainable energetic solutions, and in the long term we aim at opening the eyes of bigger institutions about this, so that we can better raise awareness and funds in this context.

With the project we could witness how CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) can play a crucial role in articulating and assisting with the implementation of sustainable energetic solutions, as well as exercising their advocacy skill on the subject and getting local organizations and decision-makers involved.

The project ended in 2023 with good results. On INFORSE's hjemmeside you can find the material that was developed during the project.