Lectures and presentations at schools

DIB's employees and volunteers have previously visited relevant educations at universities and high-schools. We're capable of introducing the students to the in's and out's of an NGO, which challenges we face in our projects in the South, and give them a taste of what it takes to run an organizations like ours.

Our presentation draws inspiration from our current projects and the experiences and anecdotes, we've collected over the years.

Our presentations can be relevant on educations in weeks, where students works with the 'sustainable development goals' or on educations that has an international focus.

For students attending educational institutions, it could be relevant enquire about the opportunity for internships at DIB's secretariat in Aarhus or with our project partners abroad. We would love to talk with you about the opportunity for internship and to strengthen your CV.

Shall we pay you a visit?

If you would like DIB to come by at your education, workplace, organization etc. then please contact the secretariat at dib@dib.dk.