DIB is a danish development organization. In collaboration with local organizations, we strive to reduce inequality, poverty and mitigate the consequences of climate change. Our collaborations with local organization is currently taking place in Bolivia, the Philippines, Nepal and South Asia.

Organization, volunteering and members

DIB is a member-based organization and the members are therefore essential for DIB as an organization in several ways. The members of DIB has the right to vote, when the general assembly chooses a new board of Directors, and they cooperate with the secretariat in running and developing DIB as an organization. We're also required, by our donors, to have at least 50 members when we apply for grants on new projects. Your membership is therefore important and appreciated!

if you want to know how you can become a member, volunteer or you just want to know how you can support DIB, then click here.

How do we work?

Capacity building is the cornerstone of DIB's strong collaboration with local partner organizations, which we support in developing and implementing innovative development projects. Common to our current projects is that they address climate and environmental challenges and involve poor and marginalized communities as co-creators of sustainable development and a better future for themselves.

… For example, Nepalese farmers with simple technology succeed in significantly increasing their yield as in the project "Enhancing Rural Livelihoods". While Bolivian children in the Aprender Jugando-project, play to understand how to live in harmony with the earth's ecosystem. And while internally displaced in the Philippines, as part of the project Beyond Fight or Flight, organize themselves in a civic association to get the governments attention and not be forgotten doing reconstructions.


DIB wishes for a world where everyone has equal rights and opportunities to create good living conditions, and we're considerate of social, economic and environmental conditions in this endeavor.


Through partnerships focused on capacity building, DIB will contribute to the sustainable development of marginalized communities to become more resilient to climate change and environmental degradation. At the same time, we will work to create popular support for the global green transition through information and knowledge sharing.