Below you can get an impression of how the eco-village concept unfolds in practice and meet some of the people who benefit from it. The stories are collected on a project tour with field visits to three villages outside Kathmandu.

Read more about DIB's eco-village project here.

Sabitri Dahal lives in the village of Chyamrangbesi, where she runs a small hotel. Here travelers can stay overnight and get a bite to eat. Sabitri's family, like the rest of the village, is also part of the EVD project. In pictures she is seen in the process of preparing onions for food.

Santa Maya Shrestha lives in the village of Dhungkharka, which is approximately 45 kilometers from Kathmandu. She is a farmer and works daily in the family's fields and kitchen garden. Through the EVD project, Santa Maya has learned to make organic fertilizers, which have promoted the growth of her vegetables. Here she shows a happy cauliflower.

Lok Bahadur Tamand is a farmer in the village of Chalal. He owns several rudrak trees which are very valuable because of the tree's seeds. The seeds are bowed like pearls in Tibetan prayer necklaces. Lok Bahadur has sprouted some of the seeds so he can sell the small trees at a good price. It's a fine business for him.

Sun Maya lives in the small village of Chalal. She is a farmer and grows vegetables in the greenhouse in which she has invested through the EVD project.