We like to come - usually for free - around the country and give lectures. In the past, we have mainly visited relevant educational programs at the universities, but we basically accept any invitation to come out and tell the many good stories that come out of our work.

Success stories about successful projects and people who benefit from our projects. About fiery souls who are passionate about performing them and making a difference to their communities. But also the equally instructive stories about the many dilemmas that lie in the sometimes challenging collaboration across continents and cultural differences.

International project work
and the opportunity to get involved

Our lectures are based on the projects we are currently working on. For educational institutions, it may also be relevant to hear about the opportunities for internships at DIB's secretariat in Denmark or with our project partners abroad. Currently, we offer lectures based on the project work in the following places:

Bolivia: Since the late 1980s, DIB has been working on sustainable settlement and strengthening civil society in Bolivia. Since 2006, we have focused on education and helped develop alternative teaching methods for school students in the form of playful learning and 'eco-literacy'.

Philippines: Here, DIB is currently working on the predominantly Muslim island of Mindanao with the rehabilitation of internally displaced people from an armed conflict between IS-related militias and government forces in the city of Marawi. In the past, we have also worked extensively on local planning in areas of the Philippines that are exposed to natural disasters, which with climate change are hitting more and more frequently.

Nepal: In Nepal, we are working to improve the living standards of poor farmers in remote rural areas. We focus on capacity building and sustainable development in the villages.

South Asia: In collaboration with partners from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and India, DIB is working to promote the dissemination of the eco-village concept. The purpose of the project is to reduce poverty and at the same time limit greenhouse gas emissions by implementing technical low-energy solutions.

Shall we visit you?

If you would like to have a visit by DIB at your studio or workplace or know an obvious place to visit, then finally contact the secretariat at dib@dib.dk.